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Do you need clarification about how to draw the best logo or which style best suits your business? Only think a little! We’re here to assist you. 

Logos are essential for any business or brand. They speak to your brand’s personality and identify you in the vast landscape of logo designs. 

Therefore, a suitable logo will enhance your business, add charm to your brand, and fascinate customers’ hearts. At the same time, the wrong logo will negatively impact viewers and ruin your business. 

That’s why drawing a perfect logo according to your business or brand is essential when choosing the right style. This post will cover different hand-drawn logo styles and how to draw the right one.

Types of Hand-Drawn Logos

Which type of logo designs fascinate and enhance your business? Don’t fret! We’ve discussed each style to give a brief introduction and help you to choose the perfect one!

Have a glance below:

Hand-Lettered Logos

A hand-lettering logo is a type of logo that uses typography and letters to represent the company’s name or brand. It is designed by hand rather than using pre-existing fonts or typefaces. These types of logos fall under the category of calligraphic fields, which are often scripts or scrawls.

Complete Logo Sketch

From designing a homely cafe to an adventurous tour abroad, you can sketch everything into a complete logo sketch. You can sketch down the entire scene. However, cheating a logo with fewer details makes it more convincing to your target audience than a complex one.

Artisanal Design

Work Process Hands Office Workplace

Artisan Logos are old-fashioned logos representing brands or companies that create handmade or bespoke products and services. These are more earthy in colors and decent designs and are used by coffee, craft, and food companies to spread authenticity, quality and time-honored tradition. 

Abstract Shapes

An abstract logo is an image or symbol you need help to recognize. It contains a complex geometric shape that conveys its conceptual meaning. In addition, abstract logos are equipped with layers of meaning in an image, making your design open to many interpretations. In short, abstract logos are more captivating as they are aesthetically appealing and pleasing to customers.

After learning about different logo styles, let’s move to the next section, where we learn how to draw a logo with easy steps.

How to Draw a Hand-Drawn Logo: A Guide For Beginners

Go through our step-by-step guide to draw logos perfectly and correctly for your business or brand:

  1. Remember Your Brand Personality

You need to consider critical points, such as:

  • What would your brand look like or sound like?
  • Who is the person you want to draw in your logo?
  • What style would you like to create or attract consumers?

It is crucial to consider all these queries so that you can design a logo that clearly expresses your brand’s essence. For instance, look at the children’s entertainers’ logo, which is bright and colorful; on the other hand, a furniture store’s logo is crisp and traditional with a muted color palette.

Furthermore, there are different types of logos; some contain a typeface and a single color, while others access icons and images with multi-colour palettes.

Make sure to choose the best color, as a color has a meaning behind it. For example, blue represents professionalism and reliability; red symbolizes energy, excitement, etc. In addition to that, picking the right font style is a plus point for your brand logo.

  1. Gather Logo Design Inspiration

After remembering your brand personality, gather some inspiration from your competitor sites. I’m not saying to copy them but look at their ideas and designs so you have plenty of ideas for creating your own. 

Further, it will enable you to create a unique logo from your competitors. In this way, your logo will stand out in the marketplace and be more memorable than others in the hearts of consumers.

Don’t puzzle yourself by going here and there! We’ve researched and gathered all the best logo designs so far to assist you in creating your brand logo with just one click. What are you waiting for? Go and try their latest designs in no time!

  1. Design a Logo Sketch

Are many logo designs floating in your mind after exploring the competitor’s sites? It’s time to put all your ideas into the paper. Let’s do it! When you have done your sketching, look at the designs and get feedback from others. Ask some questions from others, such as

  • Have you ever seen the same type of logo anywhere?
  • What does the typography look like?
  • Does this logo design stand out in the crowd?
  • Should I try this logo with different color combinations?
  • Should I change the font style?

Once you get the feedback, it will clarify your logo design and make you clear about your brand personality. Additionally, navigate all the essential seven elements of logos to create a perfect design.

After getting all the feedback and research, ask yourself which one you should choose for your brand. Make sure to consider all feedback, competitors’ sites, and information on logo elements before locking your final project.

  1. Switch Your Hand-Drawn Logo into a Digital File
  1. Switch Your Hand-Drawn Logo into a Digital File

Finally, it’s time to give your logo a visual appeal. Let’s scan your logo and turn it into a digital file. If you don’t have a scanner, don’t worry—you can access free scanning apps like TapScanner and Adobe Scan.

Start scanning your logo at a minimum resolution of 600 DPI (dots per inch) to get good quality while digitizing it. Navigate to any of the best editing tools, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, and open it. Now, start focusing on the contrast and adjust the layers, such as brightness, contrast, exposure, and black-and-white, until you get your final project.

Moreover, if your drawing has messy lines, you can use the brush tool to remove them. To add multicolored backgrounds, go to the Select option, click on Color Range, and access the eyedropper tool to separate the black lines in your drawing and turn them into a transparent background. Your logo is ready to publish!

If you’re fed up with the Photoshop or Illustrator editing tools, you can also use the Adobe Shapes app. One snap from your phone will turn your drawing into a digital file, and you’re good to go! 

Why Use a Hand-drawn Logo?

A hand-drawn logo helps any organization appear more personable or approachable. Similar to a signature, a hand-drawn logo represents that a company took time to personally inscribe their product and give more attention to their logo. 

With a hand-drawn logo, the company represents a down-to-earth, low-fi, or rustic brand identity, like an old-fashioned method of craftsmanship.

Moreover, you can sometimes draw your own logo by hand, while it can be done by skilled graphic designers. You can do it by following our step-by-step guide on drawing your logo and creating the best one!


Q1: How do you draw your own logo online?

Ans: Follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Canva app and open it.
  • Search for ‘logo’ in the search bar.
  • Select any of the professional templates from the massive Canva logo library.
  • Then, customize your logo design as per your choice.
  • Be creative while using multiple design features.
  • Finalize your project.
  • Now, download and share your design.

Q2: How do you draw a logo in Microsoft Paint?

Ans: Here’s how to do it.

  • Open Microsoft Paint and click on the circle tool.
  • Hold the ‘shift’ key and drag the left arrow key down to draw a circle.
  • Select the ‘paint bucket’ option and color the circle per your preferences.
  • Then, draw another circle from the previous one using the above mentioned processes.
  • Click on the ‘text’ option and write down your brand name, business, or style.
  • Save your image on your computer, and your logo is ready to publish.

Q3: Which are the best apps for creating logos on iPad Pro?

Ans: We’ve several logo maker apps for iPad Pro, but the best ones are;

  • Affinity Designer
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Procreate
  • Pixelmator
  • Adobe Fresco
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Canva
  • Sketchbook
  • Graphic


Drawing a logo requires solid graphic skills and a creative frame of mind; it must be conventional and digital. Logos can be versatile and adaptable everywhere, so accessing the right drawing software will shape your design correctly. In contrast to digital software, you can also use a graphic tablet. 

However, you need to be a master of drawing on a computer. Excellent visual identity skills, along with graphic coherence, are top choices for creating up-to-the-mark projects.

On the other hand, if you want to save time on creating a logo, you can explore Vince Logo Designs and select from thousands of modern designs for your business. 

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David Peters

David Peters is a seasoned professional in the world of graphic design, specializing in the art of logo design. With a remarkable decade of experience at "Vince Logo Design," David has honed his skills and expertise, becoming a prominent figure in the field.

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