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Discover the Real Magic of Animation

Every good animation serves businesses much more than sharing a message. It earns you credibility without affecting what you want to tell others.

Vince's professional custom animations persuade your audience —video marketing improves your site's visibility and you make more conversions. Your bounce rates reduce notably, and your business sets new standards.

Our talent and creativity allow us to deliver you the finest quality video animations. We always pay attention to detail.

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Explainer Video Services to Make Animations Extra Special

Let us make animated video explainers that make it easy for the audience to remember even when they carry complex concepts. Our skilled animators build your credibility with customers by communicating meaningful brand messages.

A good video animations intrigue your demographic’s interest. With our videos, you can deliver fruitful knowledge for them and your venture. So, why wait? Explore the outcomes of our high-converting videos that convey your brand's message memorably. Check out our animated explainer video creation services for agencies and brands.

We provide you with the animated video solutions you need to create a buzz on the market. Our video content is created carefully to get your word out, engage, train, and convert your leads.

Breakthrough with product animation and achieve your goals NOW!

Our Video Animation Process

We experience the joy of animation and take some work off our hands. Yet, we animate your way!


We learn about your business and offerings first. We do this by sending you a brief with a few questions. We enquire about your brand's identity, values, and target audience. In an online meeting, we enquire about video goals. We then start working on the 2-D animation.


It is the message you want to convey. This stage includes writing a compelling, coherent script around your concept. Our script is simple and enjoyable to make your message stand out. This is the most crucial stage of video animation.


In this stage, we craft the storyboard. It's a visual form of the script. Like a comic book formation, we create illustrations for the keyframes of the video. We keep adding a caption of the script under each imagery as a referral text.


We work on the video's visual style frames in this 2D animation phase. Here we focus on adding beauty to the illustrations. Here, we design visuals with every detail appearing on the screen. The design elements include a color palette, characters, product, typography, and keyframes.


Now, we add voice-over narration to the video to set the tone for the video. It represents your brand's attitude. Then we put new life into the illustrations. We use tools to make the screen’s characters, and other elements move in specific ways.


Time to focus on the audio! Here, we edit and synchronize essential sections. The sections include the voice-over, music, and sound effects with visuals. The audio and music can either make or break the impression of your animated video, so we pay close attention to it!

How Does a Video Animation Company Work?


We Collect Your

We collect information about your requirements and offer you the best packages. Our creative video development team develops unique ideas for your brief.


You Choose Bundles
of Unique Ideas

Our skilled video makers present many illustrations and computer-generated effects. They make their selection easy for you.


You Get Your
Animated Video

After you approve the final project, we will share the animated video file with you. You have its full copyright.

Breakthrough with product animation and achieve your goals NOW!

Animation for Hire —Affordable
Video Animation Packages



$500 50% Off

  • 30 Sec Video
  • Script
  • Storyboard & Characters
  • Animation
  • Finalized & Published
  • 100% ownership rights
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Best Seller



$900 50% Off

  • 60 Sec Video
  • Script
  • Storyboard & Characters
  • Voiceover & SFX
  • Animation
  • HD format Video
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Finalized & Published
  • 100% ownership rights
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee



$1500 50% Off

  • 90 Sec Video
  • Script
  • Storyboard & Characters
  • Voiceover & SFX
  • Custom 2D Characters
  • Animation
  • HD format Video
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Finalized & Published
  • 100% ownership rights
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the video-making process work?

We have a simple, streamlined process for making explainer video animations. The steps go as follows:

  • You will fill out the following form, and we will write you a script based on your requirements.
  • Then, we will create a storyboard. It's a rough sketch of all the frames in your video.
  • Next, we will create illustrated frames based on your preferred video style.
  • Lastly, we make the final video with the animation, voiceover, music, and sound effects.

Can you create explainer videos according to my needs?

Yes. Our dedicated explainer video producers make engaging video content in any style you like. We can create videos exactly how you have seen them.

How many revisions will be allowed?

We give you unlimited revisions for any project. We only move on to the payment once you are 100% satisfied with our work. There are no extra or hidden fees.

Can I avail of any discounts if I order more than one video?

Of course! Just connect with us and let us know how many videos you want us to make. Also, tell us the length you wish for each one of them. Our team will reach out to you a reasonable quote.

How long will it take to complete the process?

We make your explainer animation video in about 5 to 7 days. The time required depends on 3 factors given below:

  • Your animation's length.
  • The total number of revisions we go through to meet your needs.
  • How soon do you contact us back on the revisions you want.

How much will an explainer video cost me?

Access our pricing options here.

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